Uncle Luke broke quarantine to go to strip club and caught covid!

Uncle Luke, who recently interviewed with the Miami New Times, revealed he tested positive for Covid-19 last month.

The rapper said he had been self-quarantining and social distancing, but  caved in when some assholes friends pressured him into going to a strip club.

“Recently, I joined the ranks of the more than 1 million Floridians who’ve caught the coronavirus,” he said. “Throughout the pandemic, I had been strictly adhering to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, especially wearing a mask whenever I stepped out of my house. Then I gave in to the peer pressure of going out to a party.”

Spolier alert: the party turned out to be a super spreader event where none of its attendees were wearing masks.

“As soon as I walked through the doors, it was like stepping into a coronavirus-spreading chamber. Everybody was wildin’ out and getting drunk” said Luke, 59. “Almost no one was wearing masks. My buddies were all up in my face. Patrons and strippers were walking up to me and asking to take selfies.”

A few days after the party Luke said he had a 102 degrees and decided to go get tested.

Since then the rapper has recovered and is encouraging others to stay safe in social gatherings however, if Luke broke quarantine to go to The Office, we understand! Just kidding.


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