Meek Mill Beefs with Trick Daddy, Still Taking L’s!

“Apologize to me and my city!” said Trick Daddy to Meek Mill, who claims to have invented the Swagger of Miami. I will get out of character. Do not f*ck with me!”


Looks like it’s all losses and no wins for Meek Mill as this week marks the 2-year anniversary of the summer Drake officially ended his career. In the wake of the release of Weak Meek Mills’ new album Wins and Losses, he has managed to thrust himself into a cyber-war with Miami’s very own Trick Daddy.

The beef began when Meek took to social media and proclaimed to own the keys to the streets of Miami as he declared that it is The Dreamchasers who are responsible for the luxurious hip-hop culture in the 305.

“I don’t think you know,” he began. “When you see people rolling their skullies up, when you see people with the diamond chains, everybody’s wearing Cuban links. When you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram — that come from the influence of Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us,” he said.

Well, this proclamation didn’t sit too well with Daddy Dollas and he immediately asked Meeky Mouse to apologize.

“Miami n—as are not followers, not ‘mini-me’s and me-too’s’,” Trick said. “We trendsetters. … Don’t use my city or my n—as for character references,” he said. “I will get out of character. Do not f–k with me. … Dirt bikes, Cuban links, and yachts? We cocaine cowboys, n—a.” [Video Courtesy of DJAKADEMIKS YouTube Channel; See video below]

Meek Mill in turn went on an interview with Cosmic Kev on Power 99 to take more L’s respond to all the hoopla surrounding this latest beef. He told the radio station that Instagram is not the place to make a confrontation.

“I come from Philadelphia — all our OGs, they don’t get on Instagram where we’re from,” Meek said. “If they wanna say something to somebody, they get in contact with them and say it, especially when it’s that type of anger. This goes out to everyone in the rap industry, from hereon till a thousand years: I will always be handled with respect in live person.”

Well, it looks like Meek Mill won’t be able to show his face in the 305 for a while. What do you think? Was Meek Mill disrespectful to the culture, legends and taste-makers of Miami? Sound off below!



Elle Bee is a blogging sophisti-ratchet who hails from the city of Overtown in Miami. She has a bachelor's in journalism from Florida International University and covers everything 305 and beyond.

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