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Kodak black will pay tuition for the kids of two fbi agents who were shot dead!

Pictuted: Kodak Black, released early from prison last week.

Kodak Black, who was released early from prison via a pardon by former President Trump, has agreed to pay the college tuition for the kids of two slain FBI agents.

FBI Special Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger died in a shootout in Sunrise on Tuesday while serving a search warrant to a suspect in a child exploitation investigation. According to the FBI, three others were also wounded in the early morning ambush.

Schwartzenberger is a mother of two; Alfin is a father of one. Kodak black has now gone above and beyond putting his money where his mouth is by paying for their tuition. Check out the video below courtesy of Kollege Kidd.

Earthquake hits south florida!

By Elle Bee

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my couch minding my own black business when the unimaginable happened: an earthquake! The doors in my house began to rattle and at first I thought someone was trying to rob me, after all, this is Miami. Either that, or Casper the friendly ghost wasn’t so friendly. I got up the courage to go towards the garage and check it out. I know, it was very Caucasian brave of me, but I needed to know what was happening. As it turns out military officials said it could have been aircraft testing, and experts say they are unsure what the rattle was, but it was not an earthquake. But many local residents beg to differ, including myself. Y’all either way I am shooketh! See the WPLG news clip below.